Three layer Fully Ventilated Beekeeping Suit.

$ 120.00

This is out 3 layer Fully Ventilated Suit. This is what we use and what we recommend for our students when they are learning. 

Please note that shipping may be a bit slow on suits as we have limited inventory at this time.  Im not sure of the response I'm going to get from the beekeeping community but this is the best thing I could think of to help Michael Palmer's Go-Fund Me. So use the code #MichaelPalmer at the checkout, and Midgard Farms will make a suit donation to the Oaxaca Esculela Socondaria Terica No. 14. When they have all the suits they need but more suits are sold the cost of a suit will be donated so they can buy equipment and other incidentals. This is a chance for beekeepers to help beekeepers and train up the next generation.