9 Frame Medium Nuc. Paid in full. Pickup only.

$ 235.00

This is for our 9 frame Nucleus Colony, aka Nuc box. this includes the $35 deposit on the woodenware that you will be refunded when the woodenware is returned. Our Nucs are a little different then some you will see. We sell ours as 9 medium frames in a 10 frame box. They have a solid bottom board screwed to the box as well as a inner cover with a screened over ventilation/feeding hole also screwed to the top of the box. The entrance is restricted with a built in entrance reducer to around 1-2 inchs and then sealed closed with Duck Tape for easy transportation.   If you must cancel for any reason we will refund $195 but we will retain $35. shipping bees and moving them around isn't cheap so that covers some of that cost.